What Happens When Gods Are Ignored? A Gameboard of the Gods Review

I absolutely love everything that Richelle Mead writes. Every time I acquire another of her books, this is what I feel like doing:

Courtesy of TataJeanette’s Photobucket

In the future, there is an outbreak of a virus which causes major changes in society. There is one country that comes out stronger, called the RUNA, while the others are full of violence and unrest. Justin March is an ex-servitor (a position which checks in on religions to make sure they are abiding by the laws and do not become too powerful) who is like the servitor’s version of Doctor Gregory House. He has a compulsion to figure things out, and has a knack for reading people and learning all there is to know about them. He is charming and handsome, but has a drug and drinking problem, not to mention two crows he has conversations with which live inside his mind, occasionally manifesting in the real world. Justin has been exiled by the RUNA, into a country that he deems as far less than ideal since it lacks the greatest technologies and comforts of the RUNA. Many years after his ousting, he comes into contact with a RUNA praetorian soldier named Mae, who has been assigned to protect Justin as he is brought back to resume his work as a servitor. He may be the countries best chance at solving a slew of murders that are believed to be linked to a cult.

From the moment I picked it up, I was hooked. It is full of mystery and action, with hints of the supernatural embedded in a realistic future world. The characters and the storyline was very well written, with a lot of solid background for what was happening in this drastically changed world.


Mae: Strong (physically and willed), Beautiful, Nordic, Skeptical, Loyal, Secretive.

Justin: Intelligent, Handsome, Cocky, Charismatic, Narcissistic, Non-Committal, Protective of family and friends.

Tessa: Intelligent, Seeks approval from others, Religious, Observant, Insightful.

Please comment, would love some feedback 😀

Because it is always fun to share who I envisioned as the characters, I will end this blog with three main characters:

analeigh tipton Tessa

Analeigh Tipton as Tessa

Claire Holt as Mae

Claire Holt as Mae

taylor kitsch Justin

Taylor Kitsch as Justin


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